Our passion - Family Management

The Multis Group GmbH has been founded to pursue the goal of supporting international clients with investment projects in Europe. As an independent owner-managed company, the Multis Group is not subject to conflicts of interest. As one of the first family offices for international clients with investment focus in German speaking areas, we can offer our clients a unique service portfolio. With our discrete and focused approach we set new standards in the sector.

Today we act as an advisor to wealthy families around the world on their interests and projects in the German speaking area. Whatever it is you want to achieve in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, with the Multis Group you have a partner who provides a proven network and supports you comprehensively.


Multi Family Office Services

Our Multi Family Office, in contrast to the classical Family Office and Multi Family Office, did not develop out of an original family which was later on joined by other families. It has been founded by experts of different business areas whose primary purpose is to create a business service for particular families to offer best in class advice.


Multis Group acts as an individual consultant who can provide professional service to your family. Besides our experts at Multis Group we have access to a network of multidisciplinary professionals. Due to our structure it is possible to choose the accurate services out of our service portfolio that  meet your and your families individual needs. We would like to invite you to a personal meeting where we can discuss your plans and opportunities in Europe. 


Our service is personalized based on the individual needs of each client and his family, including:

  •    Financial advice
  •    Assisting in the creation and management of your businesses
  •    Allocation of funds in European banks
  •    Search and acquisition of real estates, observation and management of real estate investments
  •    Consultations on private investment and venture capital investments - the formation of individual investment portfolios
  •    Legal issues
  •    Planning for taxes and inheritance
  •    Organization of education for family members of different generations
  •    Implementation of charitable programs
  •    Security services
  •    Housekeeping
  •    Coordination of bankers, lawyers and insurance brokers etc.


The basis of the Services "Multi Family Office" is that the client is provided with an independent examination of all possible investment decisions and professional assistance in the formulation and implementation of a personalised investment strategy.